precihole px100 match pro price in india

precihole px100 match pro price in india
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PX100 Match Pro Air Rifle 0.177 Caliber (4.5mm) | Precihole PCP Airgun

When you want to design something new, you have to start from the beginning. So we went back and looked at all that we had learned in the past years and then started over. Design, Material Sourcing, Manufacturing, assembly everything was revisited and only the best materials, methods and processes were selected and defined. What resulted was the new PX100 Pre-charged pneumatic air rifle. Our goal was to make this technology accessible so that you get the best shooting experience. Modular design of PX100 action allows multiple design variations.

Precihole Sports Pvt. Ltd. - Offering PX100 Match Pro Air Rifle, Shot Capacity: 150 Consistent Shots at Rs 45000/piece in all India.
Price - ₹45,000.00
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Features –
  • Front Sight – Interchangeable elements with riser
  • Rear Sight – 20 clicks with riser, Anti- Glare tube, Adaptor to put filter
  • Trigger – Olympic grade multi adjustable trigger
  • Multi adjustable stock – Aluminium stock, adjustable cheek piece, adjustable butt plate, movable pistol grip
  • Dry fire
  • Pressure gauge
  • Additional weights
  • Improved barrel geometry with choke for exceptional accuracy

Technical specification:

Description PX100 Match Pro Air Rifle
Caliber 0.177″ (4.5mm)
Max Velocity 175 mps / 575 fps
Power 7.5 Joules / 5.5 ft-lb
Max Pressure 155 Bar / 2250 PSI
Power Plant PCP with Self – Regulating Valve
Shots Per Fill 150 Consistent Shots
Barrel 12 Groove Right Hand Twist 1 in 450mm
Front Sight Aperture Sight with replaceable Front Element
Rear Sight 20 Clicks Rear Sight with Anti – Glare tube Mounted on 15mm Riser Block
Action Mechanism Side Lever
Barrel Length 580mm
Total Weight 4 Kgs
Safety / Dry fire Manual (Hammer Blocking)
Trigger Two – Stage Match Grade Trigger. Adjustable for Trigger Point, Length of First Pull, Trigger Reach Height & Swivel
Butt / Stock 1. Aluminum Adjustable Ambidextrous Match Butt
2. Adjustable Cheek Piece: UP / Down, Left / Right & Tilt
3. Adjustable Butt Plate
a.Forward / Backward for length of Pull and Swivel
b. Up / Down
c. Ambidextrous Pistol Grip: Adjustable Forward / Backward & Rotation
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For More information -
ontact/whatsapp - +91 9839117035