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Fits Precihole VX100, SX100 & NX100. Easy to install. Windage and elevation adjustable. If you want to fit this rear sight to airguns other than Precihole.

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A newly manufactured and launchedinto the market original rear metal sight from Precihole sports can be attachedto the barrel with just two set screws which fit PreciholeNx200, Nx100, Sx100 and Vx100 have taken the gun market by a huge stormand in high proportion, this gun accessory is sold into the market. You canorder this air gun accessory from the best online gun store that can provideyou with the original Precihole rear sight.


1-        100% original rear sight

2-        Attached with 2 sets screw to the barrel

3-        Fits Precihole- Nx200, Nx100, Sx100 and Vx100.

4-        Elevation and windage adjustable

You can order it at a reliableonline gun Shop India. Target Sports India can meet all your desires.If you want any type of gun accessory or air rifle or air gun, this store willprovide you with all you need. You will get everything at a reasonable cost andwith the promise of fast and safer delivery. Order now Preciholenx100 vx100 sx100 rear sight and enhance your shooting experience byadding this gun accessory.

Overall Rating: 4.5

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